My First Blog Post

A Little Bit of History

Welcome to the Lost Time, Found Time, and Broken Time blog.

My name is Ryan and this is my first blog. The topics covered will be primarily horological in nature as that is the passion most worthy to share.

I’ve recently acquired the tools necessary to proceed with some rudimentary mechanical watch repairs and have also purchased some vintage Swiss watch movements that are in need of some TLC.My hope is to develop a skill from my interest, but we’ll just have to see how it goes. In the meantime I’m pleased to share my trials and tribulations for the Internet’s viewing pleasure.


The domain name of the blog,, has been chosen as it references my great-grandfather who also shared an interest in intricate timepieces. During his time, he possessed an Jaegar LeCoultre Atmos clock as well as a Patek Philippe watch. It brings me some comfort knowing I stand not alone when it comes to unusual interest in things as small and insignificant as a wrist watch.

The first few posts on this blog will probalby come fast and furiously as I’ve been working for about two months on various watches with the intention of publishing but have not, until today, organized things for the blog.

Author: JPMoeller

Amateur watchmaker and California resident

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