Replating Watch Parts

Cases and pushers are received back from RePlateIt in Canada

About a month and a half ago I sent out two watch cases to RePlateIt in Canada for restoration; this past weekend I received them back.

The cases in question belong to two Pierce Navigator chronographs that I’ve had on my bench for a while now. I’ve completed cleaning and assembly of the watch movements but the since the watch cases were in poor condition I decided having them restored was a worthwhile endeavor.

Both Navigators are from the late 40’s or early 50’s. One is gold plated with a single pusher and the other is nickel plated with two pushers. Below you can see condition of each prior to replating.

Gold plated Pierce Navigator (the single pusher had been broken off)
Nickel plated Pierce Navigator (pushers intact but missing crown)

I sent the single pusher gold plated case to RePlateIt along with a new pusher and bushing. The pusher and bushing are new old stock and were not plated. I did however have proper nickel plated new old stock pushers for the nickel case so just the unplated bushings were sent out with the case.

Being that I’m in California and RePlateIt is in Canada I was expecting the turn around to be a lengthy affair but just days after sending the parts off I received an estimate for service which I gladly accepted. Unfortunately, I delivered the parts right before their summer break and therefore had to wait an extra month before receiving them back. Still it was apparent at unboxing that the wait was well worth it.

Following are the images of my unboxing. I didn’t get a picture of the complimentary Werther’s scotch candy that was included before it was consumed but the rest is pretty much how it was delivered.

Very professional packaging
Oh my, this does look good!
I should have taken some more “before” pictures
The pusher hole had to be drilled out earlier but you wouldn’t know it now
They even put a new brushed finish on the caseback
NOS pusher has been plated as well
This case was in far worse condition than the other before replating
The brass bushings for the pushers have been plated as well

I can’t speak to the durability of the plating but I can say the final product well exceeded my expectations. After seeing the work performed on just these two cases I’m absolutely certain I’ll be utilizing their services again.  Well done lads!

Author: JPMoeller

Amateur watchmaker and California resident

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