Replica Submariner Re-Lume

Revisiting the replica Rolex

If you’ve followed the blog up to this point you’ll know that I recently serviced my nephew’s replica Rolex Submariner. During the course of the service the lume plot at the nine o’clock marker went missing. As I couldn’t return the watch with the marker missing I procured a luminous paint kit and set about replacing it.

Step one, naturally, was to de-case the movement (remove the movement from the case). This involved removing the autowinding rotor so that it would sit nice and even on the cushion while I applied the paint.

Painting with Predator blood kit

The luminous paint kit I received from one of my primary material suppliers. Preparing the paint is pretty simple- mix a little powder and epoxy in the pestal until you have the consistency of a thin batter. A small vile of thinner is supplied if paint begins to set early.

This is a perfect job for a first timer

An applicator, much like a  large oiler, is included with the kit.

I applied the paint under the microscope; the job was made much easier than it could have been thanks to the nice rectangular “dish” that the luminous paint sits in. I didn’t have to worry about it running on the dial.

Unfortunately I did need to worry about rest of the luminous plots as you can see…

Now the 12 o’clock marker comes loose…

A little epoxy reset the twelve o’clock marker and the job was done.

Looking much better!

I re-cased the movement and positioned it on the timegrapher before mounting the rotor to make some final adjustments. I happily discovered this movement is constructed with a beat corrector- no need to remove the balance to correct beat error! How unexpected from such an economical movement. Perhaps that’s a 21st century improvement as I have an Omega on the bench right now from the late 1960’s that requires beat correction via collet adjustment.

The result speaks for itself.

I’m starting to wish all the watches I service received brand new movements!

The watch will be posted in a care package for my nephew tomorrow.

And of course today’s handy work is hidden by the minute hand…


Author: JPMoeller

Amateur watchmaker and California resident

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