Under the Weather

Stepping back for a full recovery

Not too much to report this week as I’ve been under the weather and haven’t accomplished much at the watchmaking desk. As you can see from the image above, my apprentice has taken over during my absence.

I have been contemplating uploading a list of my current jobs as there are several. When I began this endeavor I assumed there would be but one piece on my desk at a given time but the reality has been quite different. Currently I have about half a dozen watches in various states of repair. In this business you work until you reach a hurdle, then hold for further research or a part order before continuing. To keep busy I must have more than one repair going at a time.

Expect to see updates shortly on the two Pierce chronographs I’m working on. Also an Omega Speedmaster that is almost complete and two vintage women’s watches that are quite pretty both inside and out.

Author: RyMoeller

Amateur watchmaker who also happens to be interested in genealogy, Formula One, and the halcyon days of yore.

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