Rolex Submariner

An iconic watch in need of service

My father’s penchant for demaging watches is almost legendary but to be fair he’s not always had a hiqh quality timepiece on his wrist. His watches are inevitably of the tool watch variety and suffer from the active lifestyle he leads. I should of course note that the Bulova Accutron he received as a wedding gift and wore daily for some twenty years was still functioning properly when last removed from his wrist. Continue reading “Rolex Submariner”

Pierce Navigator

Service of a 1950’s Pierce Navigator chronograph

After acquiring the bits and pieces needed (screwdrivers, staking kit, Rodico, pegwood, various oils, etc.) to properly service a vintage timepiece I set about finding an economical watch to service and settled on a chronograph manufactured by Pierce.

Chronographs in general are a bit more difficult to service than a standard watch. Continue reading “Pierce Navigator”

My First Blog Post

A Little Bit of History

Welcome to the Lost Time, Found Time, and Broken Time blog.

My name is Ryan and this is my first blog. The topics covered will be primarily horological in nature as that is the passion most worthy to share.

I’ve recently acquired the tools necessary to proceed with some rudimentary mechanical watch repairs and have also purchased some vintage Swiss watch movements that are in need of some TLC. Continue reading “My First Blog Post”